Help your customers find what they want

BOON Spotlight uses groundbreaking technology to find the most compelling products from your catalogue, uniquely for each customer.

There's a significant problem with conventional text-based search

What if your users don't know what they are looking for?

We have built state-of-the-art technology to solve this problem

It's a gift

Our research has shown that this problem is most common in gift giving, where the customer is not buying for themselves, and may not even know their recipient very well.

We have used psychology research and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to build on the proven convenience and popularity of gift finders.

More than a gift finder

Our revolutionary gift finder technology understands each recipient's personality, likes and dislikes in a unique way, before searching across your catalogue for the most compelling gifts.

To test and develop the platform, we made BOON. Take a look to see BOON Spotlight in action.

An enjoyable experience, with 90% of users completing all questions

Great results, with 2 in 5 customers finding the right gift from millions

Easy setup process, with one-to-one support and guidance

More sales from increased customer conversion to purchase

Seamless integration into your website

Build customer loyalty by showing the best products for them

Help customers discover the best products for them, not just your top-sellers

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

What's on offer

Seamlessly incorporate our gift finder into your e-commerce website

Place our gift finder in your physical stores with tablet stands

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