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Change from overwhelming choice to
            showing the select best options

The psychology-based digital shopping assistant delivering up to 85% conversion uplift.

Help your customers discover their next purchase with BOON Spotlight's powerful filtering and psychology-based AI. Increase conversions and get shopper demographic insights from the fun and engaging digital shopping assistant.

Change from overwhelming choice
              to showing the select best options
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Drive cross-category purchases for up to 35% increase in basket size

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Gain actionable customer insights based on aggregated, reliable data

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Increase engagement and trust with a new, anonymous, and fun shopping experience

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Fun, engaging & private

BOON Spotlight gives consumers control of their data. Each shopper is taken through a set of questions that establish their desires, dislikes and individuality. Questions range from determining relevant item attributes to using images to build a persona of the shopper for impressive personalisation.

The responses are completely anonymous - no accounts required. Our team designs highly engaging experiences with 96% of users converting through the entire question process once started.

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                purchasing it

Personal recommendations

Our powerful filtering engine and groundbreaking AI analyse each shopper's responses to uncover the best products for them from your catalogue. Our product top picks help your customers discover the best options for them, increasing conversions by up to 85% and average basket size by up to 35%.

As each user continues to browse, our AI learns from their interactions; improving over time, learning trends and building a deeper understanding of your customers' personas.

A diagram displaying a user finding a product and
                purchasing it
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Invaluable insights

As well as providing value to your shoppers, BOON Spotlight collects aggregated, detailed shopper demographic and personality data. From our reports, you will be able to tailor product releases, advertising campaigns and improve copy and display content season-on-season.

Our combination of basic demographic and intention data with psychometric insights helps you become more informed than ever.


High engagement with 96% of users completing all the questions once they start the quiz


Up to 85% increase in conversion rate for shoppers who answer the quiz vs those that don't


Up to 35% increase in average basket size for shoppers who answer the quiz vs those that don't

Simple integration

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Whatever system you're runing, integration couldn't be simpler. It's just one simple code snippet and a product feed, and our team is offering dedicated, hands-on support.

Get proof with a trial

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Trial BOON Spotlight obligation-free to make sure it's right for you. We recommend trialling for three months to accurately evaluate its performance.

Recommendations that really work

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BOON Spotlight combines powerful filtering with bespoke, psychology-based AI, developed over 2-years. Shoppers find what they want, when they want it.

White-label, seamless experience

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Seamlessly incorporate our white-label technology into your e-commerce website. Customised wording, styling and images ensures your customers get the best experience possible.

Tested across industries

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BOON Spotlight has been built to support a vide variety of industries, product ranges and shopper-types. Ask us now if you'd like assurance that we've tested it for your industry.

Real, quick ROI

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Adding BOON Spotlight to your website creates a whole new experience for your customers. Increased engagement, conversions and basket size can be measured quickly with a trial.

Two great use-cases

Shopping Assistant

Give your customers a fun new shopping experience and help them uncover their next purchase, all without invading their privacy.



This is not a standard gift-finder. Help your shoppers buy the best gifts for any recipient and any situation from your entire catalogue.

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